Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas is here!!!

Kylie, Nikki, Alexis, and cousin Katie having fun together! The family gets together for a big yummy meal and then we have the telling of the Christmas story by Paco as the kids act it out. Baby Taylor was asleep, so Nikki filled in as baby Jesus.

Alexis is Mary and Dylan is Joseph, but we have a hard time keeping him interested when he knows that there are race cars in the other room.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The girls and Duke

I went ouside to check on the girls and this what I saw. The only one who knew I was taking a picture was Duke.

Santa's Village

We took the kid's to Santa's village. They went from one little cottage to the next. In one cottage they got to write letters to Santa, in the next they got to pet all of Santa's animals, and they gave out cookies in another, etc.....

Friday, December 12, 2008

We had a dinner party to celebrate Kylie turning 7!!!!!

Kylie decided this year that she wanted to have a cooking party, so I quickly had to get a sewing machine and learn how to make aprons. It was worth the stress. The kids made their own dinner, set the table, and then had dinner together. It was a fun time!!!

As our tradition is in our family, the birthday kid gets a date with Mom and Dad and gets to chose wherever they want to eat. The kids have always wanted to eat at McDonald's and Chick Fil A, but this year we were able to convince Kylie to go to Chili's. The waiters all came out and sang her happy birthday. I wish I had a picture of it. She was horrified to have so much attention drawn to her, but then after it was all over thought it wasn't so bad because they gave her a chocolate shake.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


We took the Kids to ride the Polar Express. Below is the train conductor coming to punch holes in our tickets. Beforehand they had fun in the bounce houses, making ornaments, looking at the fun exhibits, and caroling. They even got a visit from Santa Claus.

They had so much fun, as did I.