Thursday, May 21, 2009

OK, I know I have been totally lame on the blog front. Life has been SO busy that I have not had time to update.

The biggest news that I have is that we are expecting a BABY GIRL at the beginning of July.
I will try to be better about keeping this site up to date, but life has showed no signs of slowing down. I did resign my PTA board position for next year, so I am excited about that. I will stick to being a general member and homeroom mom. I just signed Nikki up for Kindergarten for this fall. I'm sad about that- she has been a good little buddy to have around. She is constantly making me laugh. We had a mommy horse and 2 baby horses wandering around our neighborhood for the past couple days and so when we were leaving the neighborhood in our car I told Nikki and Dylan to look for the horses. Nikki my 4 year old said, "Mom I think you should concentrate on your driving and not looking for horses." She defiantly soaks up every thing she hears.


Easter morning. Dylan being a cool dude!Matt and the kids dying Easter eggs.

More fun at the Easter carnival.
Dylan LOVED the goats.

Nikki loving on the chick.

It's Bluebonnet time in Texas!!!


Our visit to San Antonio to see our niece get baptized.
Dylan and his cousin Weston.


Alexis, Kylie, and Nikki

We go to a fun Easter carnival. The chicks were all dyed different colors. They looked so cute, but I felt sorry for them.

My mom, my sister Emily and I decorate Easter cookies. All the really cute ones were decorated by my sister.

For Dylan's 3rd Birthday we went to the Circus.

Everyone wanted a camel ride except for the Birthday boy. He said it was too scary.

We have a Lightning McQueen birthday party for Dylan. He is obsessed with the movie cars.

We spend some time in WASHINGTON DC

We take a tour of the CAPITOL and the WHITE HOUSE.

Ford's Theatre, where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.

General Lee's house in the Arlington Memorial Cemetary.

We watch the changing of the guard and then check out the Ampitheatre at the Arlington.

Mount Vernon.
The beautiful Potamac River.

Lexi and Kylie- outside George Washington's tomb
The girls in front of Mount Vernon, George Washington's home.

Virginia's first capitol building that has since been rebuilt, since a fire burned it down.

Lexi marches along the battallion that is marching to the capitol building to announce the Declaration of Independence.

Lisa, Kylie and Amy

We spend time in the cute little town of YORKTOWN, which sits right on the York River.
This town is full of Civil War battlesites.

Jamestown Settlement- the kids get to see inside Indian teepees.

Lisa and Nikki- we climb aboard replicas of the 3 ships that sailed over from England on their first expedition to America.

Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia
The family out on the Governor's Grounds
Dylan in front of the Governor's Palace

The first church built by the first English Settlers.

The statue of John Smith, with the James River in the back ground.

Historic Jamestown in Virginia. The girls stand with a statue of Poccahontas.
The girls and Papa in front of the Jamestown Memorial
We go visit the Glasshouse ruins.

There we see how they make hand blown glass.

Dylan loves to take bubble baths. What a mess it always turns out to be. We end up with bubbles everywhere.

Matt and I spend the weekend alone in Oklahoma City! We go visit the site of the Oklahoma City bombing.

We go to the botanical gardens. The best part we didn't have to chase around any kids.

OK City Memorial

Matt and the kids at the carnival.
Nikki and Dylan on a ride at the Carnival.

Alexis' teacher sends me a photo of her while at school.

Valentines Day! My mom throws parties for each holiday for the grandkids. They love it!!!